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Voyage 200 BASIC Programs
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Download Ram Manager v1.6 (30.4 kB)
  Rating: 9.2/10 (4 votes)
  Downloads: 1669
  Platform: v200
  Language:  BASIC
  Type: Program
  Category: Uncategorized
The latest version of the BEST BASIC Explorer. It is also a full system manager and nearly a must-have. Features: *An excellent browser to access your on-calc data *Manage all your on-calc variables and folders (Archive, Lock, Unarchive etc..) *Get infos about your actual battery, RAM and Archive status (NICE graphics) *View Pics,Strings,Matrixes,... *Get the Handle numbers and the status (archived, locked etc.) of your variables and folders *Protect your calc from unauthorized people *Set your APD as you want it to have *Get useful infoematon about your calc in general *Many TIClock options .This version has improved graphics and better error routines and as the most important addition the folder management. Made with extfunc by Daniel DeGraf

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